Wednesday, April 3, 2019

One Day stop ~ The Awakened Life East Coast Tour

One Day stop ~ The Awakened Life East Coast Tour:

One Day stop ~ The Awakened Life East Coast Tour

Take advantage of the 1 day stop in Roanoke from Rob (The Healing Frequency) & Uma (The Lotus Wellness Center)!

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Tue April 16~~ 2 PM
5325 Peters Creek Rd
Roanoke, VA 24019

The Days events:


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Three sets of tuning fork kits for three lucky students! 
Are you ready to take this class and learn sound healing for yourself, loved ones and clients? 
Pay your deposit here and to order your kit! 
Remainder due a week before class!

Uma also offers 30 minute or 60 minute spiritual assessments, intuitive tarot readings with mediumship.


 Rob ~(private sessions) 2-6pm

Rob offers 30 minute or 60 minute spiritual healing, Reiki, access bars or IET sessions.

EMAIL Uma at 
to schedule with either one. 
(Must schedule 1 week ahead  for Tuning Fork)

The Awakened Life
Everyone invited for a Free talk on 
from 7-8pm 
with a book signing afterwards.
Uma Alexandra Beepat

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Let’s Not Go Wayward

Let’s Not Go Wayward

I am just simply amazed. I was down and out for about two weeks with pneumonia and now getting back on my legs again. Just so happen that it coincides with Uma and I taking a trip to West Palm Beach. I was fine with the idea of traveling as the worst was behind me but I realized today that my energy level is not where it normally is and it made for this interesting blog.

Uma and I are traveling to West Palm Beach today and as traveling requires we were at the airport. An airport full of people and forgotten to me, an airport full of wayward entities. See I have been doing a lot more self-work with the focus on mediumship and spirit communication thanks to the two mediumship circles we host every month. I am much more aware of spirit entities and their influence on us.

As we were walking through the airport and with my energy level low from getting over pneumonia, I crashed suddenly at a certain area. I mean I literally became wiped out to the point where I wanted to sit down and pass out.

Uma and I sat down at a restaurant to rest before we boarded the plane and she took a picture of us. For some reason, I asked to please see it. I wasn’t quite sure why I really needed to see it but there was an adamant feeling inside of me. When she pulled up the photo I understood why I needed to see it. I asked her if she saw anything because I was immediately drawn to my eyes where I noticed an attachment. When I work with clients that is typically the area where I see attachments to others. She was drawn to my aura for that is where she noticed a blurring of the energy around me. She knew immediately we went from a double team to a party of three.

I took a minute and cleared my energy using techniques I learned to clear wayward entities. I noticed earthbounds around me that needed to go so I created a white light portal for them to cross through. I commanded that the entity not only go into the white light but also be accepted and as I did this, I felt a jerk in my energy within my auric field moving from my left temple lobe up and out my right side. I immediately felt energy coming back into me as I witnessed and watched the entity leave and go into the white light.

When I was done, I asked Uma if she could take another picture of us. Well the difference between the two was simply amazing. In the first photo you can notice a rosy look in my face and bags underneath my eyes, almost as if I was haggard. There was a clear distant look in my eyes as if I wasn’t present. Uma noticed on my left side, the photo was blurred slightly which for her indicates entities. In the second photo you can see me aware in my eyes and present, as well as a vibrant energy in me without the reddish hue in my face. The bags under my eyes almost looks like they disappeared. Folks these changes all happened within a matter of 40 seconds. Amazing.

I am reminded that normally going through life, it is second nature to me to have my energetic guard up but with getting over pneumonia and being weak, I learned just how susceptible I am to things I play with on a normal basis!

This experience also astounded me to how cognitive I have to be of each move I have to make to dismiss a wayward entity. It was clearly a reminder that as a white lighter when we are sick, we are still a beacon of light for those that are looking for energy. I remembered three particular steps I made walking through the airport where my energy went from upbeat to almost wanting to pass out. It happened so astoundingly quick that even thought I do this work for a living, it is still stunning to me. The experience itself I have to talk about. It was as if I walked through a sticky, molasses haze that suddenly attached to me that weighed me down and brought about a feeling of wanting to pass out. So if this ever happens to you be aware and be present about what is happening.

If you ever find your energy drop drastically and you feel yourself heavy, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Does this belong to me or someone else?” If the answer is yes it belongs to someone else, close your eyes, go up to God Creator himself and ask for protection. Also ask the Spirit person to leave. If you notice that the energy subsides and your energy comes back up, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. If it doesn’t subside, understand that this energy will continue to build and take from your energy levels. You will find yourself getting crabby and unable to tolerate simple things in life. In this case, please seek an entity removal healer such as myself. This may be out of your power and there is no shame in asking for help.

Do not worry about having to see a healer in person as this type of work can be done remotely. It is about energy, intent and witnessing.

I hope that in sharing my story, it helps you understand your path and your journey even more. Ok my boarding has begun! Until next time,

Peace and Blessings from the Spiritual Biker,

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A New Experience by Fasting

A New Experience by Fasting
Written by The Spiritual Biker

It's been awhile since I've been on more of the spiritual metaphysical path. With the introduction of Reiki in 2011 everything has been moving at a fast and rapid pace. Even with the fast and rapid pace there have been many challenges that I have resisted that are now starting to move forward. 

The last 48 hours has been a little bit of a whirlwind. I decided to go ahead and do a fast and to see how long I could go. To my amazement I lasted 18 hours. 

I actually found that it was enjoyable and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I am one of those people that really never sits down for a meal and likes to just snack. I do not like to feel heavy and lethargic after eating. With the idea of fasting I took a moment to reflect on my eating for 24 hours prior to starting. I'm not sure if it was intuitively or just realistically knowing my body, that I decided not to do or to eat certain things prior to starting the fast. I was conscious of my sugar, carbs, and caffeine intake. I have been one of those people that in the past would drink too much coffee, have too much sugar and carbs, and then wonder why my body would crash. 
I spent at least 12 hours getting ready for the fast before starting the fast. I was simply amazed at how easy it felt and how my body was at ease just drinking water. I originally stated to myself that I just wanted to do 14 hours. At the 14-hour mark I found myself getting hungry and told myself I can go further and had another glass of water. At 18 hours I realized I was hungry and since I was away from home I stopped. 
What's a good fast food junkie to do. After waiting nearly 18 hours to eat and being fine I had to eat now. I did not even want to wait the 30 minutes to get home to actually make something. With this being said I went through the great golden arches and got myself a hamburger. It is not unusual for me to get a meal and not eat the french fries but yesterday I was hungry. I ate more french fries then I normally do, I ate the hamburger and drank the coke. Immediately following I felt so lethargic and tired and just wanted to go home and go to sleep. 
It is amazing how I could go 18 hours without food and then not want to wait 30 minutes for something good and healthy, to then feeling lethargic and tired and even a little cranky from what I put in my body. 
Well today started off normally with my cups of coffee but just two pancakes. I would have to say I think my body liked feeling clean. As the feel from the coffee started to leave my body I started to feel all sorts of changes. At this point I decided I needed a good meal and I stopped. I've really found myself taken by what my body has told me over the last 48 hours. 

I've always thought that I listened to my body but apparently it's been trying to tell me other things for a long time. It'll be interesting to see how everything moves forward and continues. I always say that pain and fear is a motivator and yet why do we have to wait for it to get to that point. By abstaining from certain foods, I found my energy was better as well as not having as many peaks and valleys. 

I have had many friends and colleagues tell me their stories about fasting and I continued to naysay them. I had a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us who said that he would use fasting twice a year to ease the symptoms of his Lyme disease. He would say that the pain would go away with the cleansing in his body. I look forward to the next time that I fast, and I never ever thought I would ever hear that come from my mouth or even have that thought in my head.

Rob Pritchard                                        
Cert. Life Coach  Cert. Hypnotist and Master Healer 
for essential oils 

Friday, May 12, 2017

It works if you work it

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I might be taking this phrase from Al-anon and AA, but it dawned on me this morning that it is a very strong phrase. 

I have always told my clients and students that you need to do your self-work. 
Energy work is all about the self-work and self-illumination. 

This morning I woke up to a strong realization.
 My breathing has changed. I have been gettng much btter sleep and not needing as much. Over the last month while watching my stepfather battle COPD and seeing just how much breathing can play a part in anxiety, fear, pain and can even seem to bring on muscle tremors, it brought me right back to the importance of breath work. 

Many of my clients, friends and family have asked me how I was staying so completely calm during such a stressful period. I replied to each of them that it was my self-work. I really put everything into myself that I had been teaching and coaching. 

If you have been part of any of my classes for Meditation or Hypnosis, I always start with breath work. Many of us have never learned how to control our breath and to breathe deeply. Shallow breaths have been linked to anxiety, fear and pain. This morning I found myself breathing deeper with a rhythmic breath all the way down to my stomach with my stomach rising and falling with every breath. To my surprise, I was also breathing through my nose and not my mouth. This is something that I always taught in my classes and something that I do when I meditate or do hypnosis. I was astonished because I was doing this without thought. 

Could it be that I have been doing it enough that it has become a new norm? Over the last month, I found myself doing my energy psychology techniques, Meditation and Reiki quite a bit. I never thought that it would be something that would change my sleep pattern. I really was throwing everything that I know at myself for relaxation and focus. 

My understanding has always been that a couple of weeks can change our behavior and three months can create a new habit. 

If you feel that you’re having restless sleep, that you cannot calm the monkey brain, and that you are not achieving REM sleep, then let’s give this a try. 

All energy works start from within and many things are revealed to us while we are doing it. However, there are many things that can come up that can get you stuck. You just need someone to hold space, facilitate, and give you the tools to move through it. 

So, as I always say “Change your thoughts, change your mind. Your perception is = to your reality”. If you are going through something and cannot get your thoughts and mind in line, then try some simple breath work. You may just find that your emotional state changes, and your solutions appear.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why The Law of Attraction might not be working for you

One Day stop ~ The Awakened Life East Coast Tour

One Day stop ~ The Awakened Life East Coast Tour : One Day stop ~ The Awakened Life East Coast Tour Take advantage of the 1 day stop in Ro...